About Us

Training Instructors

All courses are taught by qualified and licensed teachers. They have been chosen on basis of their enthusiasm, dedication, commitment and willingness to work with people. 

Klaas Fokkinga

Registered and Certified Manager of Education 

It Is All About Languages


Lifelong Learning

Interprimair's general aim is to promote lifelong learning. We create a link between the general and vocational education system and the labour market. We offer to students, teachers, headteachers and experts work placements, in-service training, educational study visits and job shadowing.

For more information visit our website Interprimair Europe.

Language Education

Interprimair is the representative of language schools in Bournemouth, Tours, Lindau and Malaga respectively courses for English, French, German and Spanish. The language programs combine high quality instruction with a variety of physical and social activities and excursions in order to have an exciting, fun and effective educational and cultural experience. The courses cater to students of all ages and to suit their personality and learning style. There is a wide variety of flexible options in the course offerings.

Training Centers

Our language centers are located in Bournemouth, Tours, Lindau and Malaga. 
‚ÄčLively towns in beautiful surroundings make these centers a great destination for your language course.

Training Programs

The programs are designed to broaden, deepen and strengthen your knowledge, skills and (self-) confidence in using the language of your choice.
There are special courses available for teachers.